Private aviation to suit you
Jet Agency is an international private aircraft booking service.

Our business jets network is the largest in the world; every day thousands of private jets are ready for you to use in thousands of airports.

Wherever you are travelling to, Jet Agency is the most economical option for chartering an aircraft, no matter where you are in the world.

Jet Agency was conceived and created with the aim of anticipating your needs, exceeding your expectations, and guiding you throughout the planning of your flight.

How to book a jet? Quick and easy:

Receive a personalized quote
In a matter of minutes, Jet Agency will provide you with a report setting out the available flights for your charter, and a quote based on the aircrafts’ timetables, the lowest costs, your requirements, and our highest standards of quality and security.

Choose your aircraft
We advise you, but you decide: you choose the aircraft which is best suited to your journey, decide which services you would like to have on board, and arrange the payment for the flight.

Board your flight!
Jet Agency will take care of everything, and especially of you, from the moment you make your booking to the moment you arrive at your destination. Your consultant will be available 24/7, to make sure you experience the best flight possible.

Quality & Safety

Offering you reliability, transparency and choice, Jet Agency flies at the highest level of safety.

As ethically responsible consultants, we adhere to the highest standards.

Jet Agency always chooses its aircrafts and partners according to the most demanding criteria in terms of quality and safety, looking at certification, insurance, training and experience of teams, in-flight services and integrity.

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