Quality & Safety

Jet Agency always selects its aircraft with the highest standards and in total transparency, to enable you to make the most appropriate, the most qualitative and the safest final choice.

Aircraft and operators
Jet Agency does not use: any aircraft that appear on the European Union’s black list (regulation EC No.2111/2005), single motor aircraft, single pilot aircraft or aircraft that were produced in the former USSR.
Furthermore, thanks to an internal notation system which takes account of the audit of each operator and its previous experience with them, Jet Agency favours those operators which are the best in terms of efficiency, dependability, punctuality, team experience, in-flight service, types of aircraft, age of the fleet and life cycles.

International standards
Jet Agency respects the directives of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and follows the leadership of the European and American civil aviation authorities (EASA and FAA), which are renowned for their impartiality when it comes to safety.

Public Transport
Jet Agency organises all its flights within the framework of public transport. The regulations, which are very strict, ensure a level of safety which is identical to that of the most important international airline companies.

Aircraft Operator Certificate
The Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC), delivered by the civil aviation authority of the country where the aircraft is registered, is proof that the company complies with all requirements as regards security, financial investment, internal organisation, team training and operational skills. Jet Agency consistently checks all its partners’ certificates.

Jet Agency systematically checks that the airline company and the aircraft concerned are covered by all the necessary insurance, for which we have set minimal amounts for each type of aircraft, starting at 10 million USD for the smallest business jets and going up to 500 million USD for the biggest carriers. Jet Agency assure une couverture additionnelle pour un montant de 5 millions d’Euros.

Jet Agency will never divulge any information on its clients or on the passengers of its chartered flights. Any data you transmit to us will only be used in the preparation and monitoring of flights.

Jet Agency Securité