Tours operators

Jet Agency works in tandem with agencies and tour operators!

As a travel agency, you envisage your clients’ holidays, organise the various stages of the journey and the transfers, reserve vehicles, plane tickets and hotels and add to the experience with visits and trips. You think of everything. And in some cases you need to use private flights to get to destinations which are hard or impossible to reach with normal airlines, or to go from one town to another, to avoid delays, waiting and problems, to maintain flexibility, or simply to respond to the demands of your VIP clients.

Like an invisible consultant, Jet Agency supports travel agencies with all issues related to chartering. We are the most experienced, trustworthy, integral and transparent partner on the market. Aside from the choice of the aircraft that is the most appropriate and the least expensive, we plan ahead and work with you to put everything in place so that you can get the most out of your flight experience. We do this through coordination on the ground, baggage handling, simplified boarding and alighting procedures, customs handling, in-flight catering, personalised services and support. Jet Agency is a bona fide supervisor of operations both on the ground and in the air, and is above all an expert in air charter transportation and private jet chartering, from regional turboprops to commercial aircraft to helicopters, available anywhere in the world. Our fleet of more than 15 000 aeroplanes, accessible from every continent, can respond to each of your demands.


The advantages of flying with Jet Agency:

  • Flight management service, with one specific consultant
  • Chartered aircraft suited to your needs in terms of size, autonomy, availability and cost
  • Choose from 15 000 aircraft, from the smallest to the largest available on the market
  • Total privatisation of the aircraft
  • Flight times suited to your needs; constant flexibility
  • Minimal baggage restrictions
  • Operational supervisor on the ground: welcome, coordination, baggage handling, security, customs, immigration
  • Operational supervisor on board: standard or personalised catering, specific services, VIP handling
  • Option of privatised departure terminal for departure and/or arrival
  • Additional extras according to your wishes

To find out more and to receive a quote for travel agency, contact Jet Agency on +33 1 84 20 42 68 and/or at