Music groups

Jet Agency organises journeys for music groups, orchestras, singers and DJs.

If you have to attend concerts, festivals, television programmes and promotional meetings, Jet Agency will provide private jets and aeroplanes to meet all your air travel needs. We have access to more than 15 000 aircraft, going from the smallest turboprops to the biggest VIP airliners.

You can concentrate on your performance and travel in peace!

If you have sensitive luggage and equipment or a tight schedule, if your journey would be difficult on a normal flight, if your destination is hard-to-reach or you want to go on a VIP trip, you can make the most of the comfort afforded by Jet Agency’s aeroplanes. Musicians, technicians, managers and companions can travel together to your destination and all your material (such as instruments, equipment, trunks and flight cases) will be safe in our hands. Indeed there is often the option to board extra people or instruments, as long as cabin size and the baggage compartment limit are respected.

Jet Agency is both an expert in chartering and business jets and a specialist in the supervision of operations both on the ground and in the air. We always ensure that our music groups make it to their events on time, and travel in the best conditions. We select the aircraft that best suits your needs and we work with you to organise everything so that you are as comfortable as possible before, during and after the flight. We do this by coordinating things on the ground, handling baggage, supervising, optimising boarding and alighting, handling customs, catering, support, and offering personalised services…

Whether it is for a singer, a music group, an orchestra, technicians or tour managers, if you want to carry your luggage and instruments on the same flight, Jet Agency will organise your journey with the best aircraft at the best price. You can choose from private jets, regional turboprops, short- or long-haul airliners and VIP airliners.


The advantages of flying with Jet Agency:

  • Flight management service, with one specific consultant
  • Chartered aircraft suited to your needs in terms of size, autonomy, availability and cost
  • Choose from 15 000 aircraft, from the smallest to the largest available on the market
  • Total privatisation of the aircraft
  • Flight times suited to your needs; constant flexibility
  • Minimal baggage restrictions
  • Operational supervisor on the ground: welcome, coordination, baggage handling, security, customs, immigration
  • Operational supervisor on board: standard or personalised catering, specific services, VIP handling
  • Option of privatised departure terminal for departure and/or arrival
  • Additional extras according to your wishes

To find out more and to receive a quote for your music group, contact Jet Agency on +33 1 84 20 42 68 and/or at