Swiss Airport
Travel to Switzerland in a large and impressive jet decked with all the finest fixtures, and explore the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’ in the lap of luxury.

Moscow Airport
Travel to Russia’s alpha city and capital, Moscow, a major economic and cultural hotspot, perfect for both business and leisure travel.

Saint Petersburg Airport
Visit the dazzling metropolis, with its magnificent skyline, extraordinary heritage and exclusive nightlife, and combine business with leisure.  

Make Your Mediterranean Getaway with Private Jets to Corsica Airport
Enjoy a quick summer getaway in the sun-kissed French alcove of Corsica, hovering by the Italian coast with its lofty mountains and its jagged coastline. Book your private jet to Bastia, Ajaccio or Figari Airport, and revel in luxury and comfort throughout your inbound and outbound trip. 

Enjoy Summer Bliss with Luxury Private Jet Flights to Sardinia Airport
Cruise through the cerulean skies, hovering above the azure Mediterranean as you approach your private jet hotspot, Sardinia. Whether you alight at Alghero, Olbia or Cagliari, 
JetAgency will see to it that your luxurious inbound and outbound flights are worth remembering. 

TriFan 600: The Future of Commercial Aviation?
American trailblazer XTI Aircraft aims to revolutionize commercial aviation with its airplane-helicopter hybrid aircraft, the TriFan 600. Unveiled at the Paris Air Show in the summer of 2017, this vertical take-off aircraft turns science-fiction into reality.

Fly to Your Chosen Canary Airport in Style
Make your flight to the Canaries a hassle-free and seamless experience with Jet Agency, your gateway to the best-loved tropical island destinations of the world.

 Fly to Bermuda Airport in the Lap of Luxury
Travel to the sun-kissed beaches of Bermuda with executive jet charter services from Jet Agency.

Monaco Grand Prix Private Jet Charter
Attend the flagship event of the motor racing season in uttermost comfort and style with blue-ribbon service jet charter from Jet Agency.

Balearic and Canary Islands by Private Jet Charter
Served by no fewer than eight airports, the Canaries are a jet-setter’s ideal perennial pit stop. Enjoy cost-effective last-minute ‘empty legs’ journeys or luxury aircraft transfers with easy booking, courtesy of Jet Agency

Very Light Jets for Grand Occasions
The Cannes Festival is in late May, marking the busiest time of year for operators in the jet industry. Thousands of jets will be taxiing on runways in Nice and Cannes.

A Private Jet Charter for Your Pied-à-Terre in the French Riviera
A hotspot for jetsetters and globetrotters, the French Riviera is a year-round destination. Everybody who’s anybody has a pied-à-terre hidden in the lush greenery or towering over the cliffs of the magnificent Côte d’Azur.

Travelling in smallest private jets
The Jet Agency offers you a wide array of light jets and turboprops to accommodate any number of passengers and any in-flight requirements you may have.

Last remaining snows in French Alps
With Jet Agency, seeing the last snowflakes of the year to cover the French Alps can be a wish come true.

Private Jet Rental
With Jet Agency, hiring your private aircraft for a cross-border or even cross-continent flight is child’s play.

Private Jet Charter
The Jet Agency makes the lengthy and difficult private hire of first-class jets a thing of the past. Soar through the skies as you book private jet charter services of the highest standard for a fraction of the time, money and resources you’d spend elsewhere.

Private Jet Rental
Chartering and renting aircraft is the experience of a lifetime at Jet Agency, where you are given expert advice on private jets, airliners and turbo props ready to fly your sports team, cinema crew, music group and business associates across the world at a moment’s notice.

Private Jet Charter
Jet Agency brings you a premium aircraft booking management system backed by the expertise of a team of consultants and a massive fleet of helicopters, airliners, business aircraft and private jets.

Private Jet Charter
Fly with Jet Agency for a journey across the skies that meets all of the luxury traveller’s expectations. Jet Agency puts you in control, gives you freedom, ensures your security, safeguards your confidentiality and adjusts to suit your budget.

Private Jet Rental
Fusing security and comfort, Jet Agency is luxury travel at your fingertips. We match your needs to the best craft and pilots available, and we take care of everything so that you can enjoy your flight and unwind.